Secret Monitor Men: A Mystery Thriller

Skye Keller #1


Award-winning author Jamie Dickey has always loved stories in the medium of film, books, or oral tales around the fireside. A curious ‘why’ child, he developed a fascination with where we come from (genealogy), the secrets lost in time (history) and the depths of space with its hidden wonders. Educated in Fanshawe College and the University of Western Ontario, Jamie utilized his research & analytical skills by weaving historical facts & theories into his chapters. His creativity & imagination are the twin engines of his craft of storytelling, while he strives to improve his writing skills. His university experience is helpful, earning valuable transferable skills as he had his 4th year paper published in March 2004. Titled ‘Made in Vienna: The Indoctrination of Adolf Hitler,’ he argues Hitler was primarily influenced to be the man we know from his five post-high school years in pre-war Vienna. The construction of Made in Vienna and many other papers helped pave the road for the building of forty fictional chapters into a full-blown thriller novel. Hard work, perseverance, and attention to detail should be part & parcel of every author’s writing process. Do not underestimate the importance of atmosphere. It can be used in any genre and is the necessary vehicle to transport the reader into YOUR world. Reader escape is mandatory and is the very reason anyone wanders into a pharmacy or bookstore. Their expectation is your book will transport them into another world, where they can forget their problems and live a more exciting life vicariously through your characters. Jamie lives in CANADA with its harsh winters and looks forward to an escape to the gentler southern climes, where the Queen’s wreath grows.