Secret Monitor Men: A Mystery Thriller

Skye Keller #1

Won New Adult & Women Sleuth Firebird Awards.

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The key lies in the riddle; the shadow lies at the fore.

A mystery thriller for thinkers.  Piece the puzzle together.  Break the code.  Do the math.  See the subtext.  Solve the riddle.  Decipher the hidden messages.  Look under the surface.


She expects the summer of Skye

But fate makes her cry.

Do you know who you are?

Find the black star.




SECRET MONITOR MEN: A Mystery Thriller

To know stories, you must read a lot of fiction and watch plenty of movies.  Your analytical and research skills must be razor sharp, supported by forced essays in the academic world.  But most important, you must have a passion for tales of mystery & intrigue.  You need to captivate the reader's imagination.

Six friends make the ill-advised decision to pay their respects at a local cemetery well past normal visiting hours. Driven by curiosity, and led by their pal, Ray, stubborn in the belief he is right, the men drift deeper into the abyss of the summer solstice night. Eavesdropping on the dead charges a special toll even for the well-intentioned freemason. As lightning flashes in the distant sky, a premonition overcomes some that the night has its own designs. Gravestones mark their progress to the square & compass, but should they have let sleeping dogs lie?


What are readers saying?


"Following Skye's experiences kept me captivated as I tried to piece the mystery together. Just when I thought I had things figured out, a new twist would unravel and keep me guessing with new predictions."

"This book is hard to put down and difficult to predict; a great start to a promising series with serious potential to be made into an action-packed movie one day!"

"Mesmerizing!  I am blown away by this novel and highly recommend it to all! From the very first pages, the author masterfully spellbound me and had me thoroughly spellbound by this original, suspenseful tale."

"I couldn’t stop reading. It keeps you on your toes. Just when you think you have figured it out, the story changes. Best I have read in a long time.  Worth the read."

"Captivating! Anyone who loves mystery/thriller should read this book."

"Amazing Story!"

"Nicely Written. The way of presenting is really astounding."

"Gripping! This is a good read, refreshing style and a good overall book!"

"I like it, it’s perfect! The story is very interesting and intriguing and full of suspense."

"I couldn't stop reading. Amazing prose."

"love it-just take a look! you won't regret it!"

"Loved the book. Couldn't stop reading. So many good hangers!"




Tales for Tikes & Tots

Jamie has also written six children's stories for picture books.  These include:  Jericho and the Sunbird, Justine and Malick the Magician, Nebber the Nula Bear, Hurricane Hal, Kallie the Kookaburra and The Numbat Song.


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